Bentleigh East Campus

Our Bentleigh East Campus is a dedicated Middle Years Hub for Years 7 to 9, with excellent academic, social, sporting and creative opportunities for all students, with great connection to our 91㽶 Campus.

Beginning secondary school is a very important time in a young person’s life, and the environment at our Bentleigh East Campus makes for a seamless transition from primary school to secondary school.

91㽶 Bentleigh East brings lots of opportunity, space and connection so each student can grow and flourish ahead of their senior years at our 91㽶 Campus.

“My time at Bentleigh East was fantastic. I loved the smaller campus atmosphere, which helped me transition smoothly into Secondary School life. Moving from Bentleigh East to 91㽶 was easy, as the strong friendships formed at Bentleigh East helped me adjust quickly.

I made the most of my time at Bentleigh East by getting involved in everything – from sports teams to College productions. For students considering Bentleigh East, I highly recommend it. The smaller campus provides a supportive environment to start your Secondary school journey, where you’ll make lifelong friends and create lasting memories.” Angus L, Year 10

“Bentleigh East benefited me greatly from the transition between primary to secondary school. The campus being smaller in numbers, allows students to experience a sense of familiarity, where everyone knows everyone, the teaching is personal and catered towards students, while still offering all the opportunities of the 91㽶 Campus. I made some strong friendships, which I still have to this day.

There are many opportunities to demonstrate skills and talents. Academically, I participated in the Advanced Mathematics in Year 8 and 9, I got involved in various interschool sports as well as entering and winning some art competitions. The campus provides students with many activities and extracurriculars for students to get involved and make the most of their experience at the College.” Francisco C M, Year 11

I loved Bentleigh East Campus! Its characteristics makes it perfect for your middle years transition and is a great start to your high school career. It really helped me transition from Primary to Secondary school. Due to the school’s smaller numbers, I felt a great sense of community and I was more confident that my ability to create new friendships with both students and teachers was extremely genuine. The teaching was personal, comfortable and close bonds were easily built between both staff and students.

Having been part of 91㽶 Campus while at Bentleigh East, I was excited and looked forward to the change – I felt the transition was almost seamless.” Harrison B, Year 11

Getting to 91㽶 Bentleigh East Campus 

Our Bentleigh East Campus is serviced by trains on the Frankston Line.
Students alighting from Bentleigh Station then catch the 701 or 703 bus outside the station.
Students alighting from Southland Station then catch the 767 bus outside the station.
This bus drops students near 91㽶.

If you’re riding a bike to school, be sure to secure it with a sturdy bike lock in the allocated bike cages.
Stay safer by wearing a helmet and don’t wear headphones while riding.

701 Oakleigh
Bentleigh via Mackie Road and Brady Road.
Route runs from Oakleigh Station to Bentleigh Station, and stops on Brady Road outside Centenary Park, a short walk to the College.

703 Middle Brighton
Blackburn via Bentleigh, Clayton and Monash University.
Route goes past Monash University and through Oakleigh and along Centre Road to Bentleigh and Brighton.
Students will get off at the Mackie Road/Centre Road stop and walk to the College.

767 Box Hill via Chadstone
Route runs from Southland Shopping Centre to Chadstone Shopping Centre through Hughesdale and Murrumbeena.
It stops directly outside the Bentleigh East Campus.

There are pick up and drop off areas along Bignell Road.
As these are high traffic areas, we suggest arranging an alternate pick up and drop area along another nearby street.
Please note that the College grounds are specified for staff parking only.

Bentleigh East Campus
Address 156 Bignell Road
Bentleigh East 3165
Phone +61 3 9582 5999

Campus Map