Enrolment FAQs


When do we need to enrol by? 
Applications for each year intake open two years prior. If your child is currently in Year 5, you would need to submit an enrolment application by August of the current year for him to start Year 7. Applicants are notified in October of that same year.

Do you have an enrolment wait list?
Unlike private schools, we don’t maintain a waitlist. Enrolments open when your son is in Year 5, two years before the start of Year 7.
Spaces for student in-take are subject to our .

Does my son or family need to be Catholic to enrol at St Bede’s College?
St Bede’s College is an inclusive community for all students. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds and religious beliefs because everyone should have access to a quality education and caring environment.

This ethos remains true to the ideals of our Founder, St John Baptist de la Salle who saw the potential and value in every student, no matter who they were. Non-Catholic children are included within our .

We’re in the zone for both Bentleigh East and 91㽶. Which campus should we choose?
You’ve got two great choices! It truly comes down to what you feel is the best fit for your child.

Our Bentleigh East Campus is tailored to Years 7 to 9 students, where they can learn, socialise and thrive in a smaller environment. This dedicated hub for Middle Years brings students a wonderful sense of belonging and opportunity. Our 91㽶 Campus is a larger community for students in Years 7 to 12, and both offer the same academic, creative, sporting and social aspects of College life.

It’s all about personal preference. Be sure to tour both campuses and chat with your child and our Enrolments Officer so you can make an informed choice.

Learning and Teaching

Do you accommodate for students who are Gifted and Talented?
We’re pleased to offer an enrichment and mentoring program for students across Years 7 to 12. The BEAM Program is tailored to Gifted and Talented learners so that they have more opportunities to nurture, develop and expand their limitless abilities. You can read more about BEAM here.

Do you accommodate for students with Learning Diversity needs?
Absolutely. St Bede’s College recognises that diversity encompasses all learners across cultural, academic, social emotional and physical attributes and that these are not mutually exclusive. Learning Diversity refers to the infinite variety of life experiences and attributes that a student brings to their learning at school. 

We seek to meet the needs of all learners, so that every student can experience a sense of achievement and success. Our dedicated Learning Diversity Department supports students who experience learning challenges resulting from a range of factors which relate to cognitive, sensory, physical or social/emotional difficulties. Students are provided with classroom adjustments and/or modifications through collaboration with teachers and parents. 

At our College, we believe that inclusion and diversity has the potential to enrich the educational opportunities available to all.

Faith and Mission

How is Faith and Mission embedded across the College?
We bring a modern-world lens to serving others with our Catholic and Lasallian values. This is done through respect to self, others and our environments.

Each morning in our Homeroom or Tutor Group, we pay respect to the traditional owners of the land we learn, play and live on, and we unite in a moment of reflection during prayer.

Our Lasallian values of Faith, Service and Community are brought to life via:
Faith – we make space for worship, reflection and social action.
Service – we give our time, energy and respect to helping others.
Community – we take care of each other through brotherhood and sisterhood, locally and globally.

What do students learn about in Religious Education classes?
As a values-driven community, we invite all students to live by our Guiding Principles which underpin the value of being a good person.
In RE classes, students learn about history, geography, gain an understanding about the diverse religions of the world, their traditions and beliefs.
Classes are engaging, relevant and contemporary so that all students can learn and grow.

Co-Curricular Experiences

My child has interests in the Creative Arts. What opportunities are available for him to pursue this?
We have a wonderful Creative Arts program where students can explore and further develop their skills in their chosen area.
Whether its in Visual Arts and Communication Design, Media, Performing Arts, Drama, College Productions, Music or Vocal Ensembles, there are many opportunities across the year.

What STEM programs do you have?
Our College participates each year in the global F1 in Schools program and is the current world record holder! This is an outstanding opportunity for students to learn about engineering, design, project management, team work, marketing and much more.

What sporting programs do you offer?
St Bede’s College participates in interschool sports with Associated Catholic Colleges across Melbourne including:
Cross Country
Table Tennis

Do students participate in mandatory Saturday sport?
All school sports with ACC are held during the week and during the school day.