Embracing Positive Masculinity

In today’s evolving society, understanding, discussing and role-modelling positive masculinity is more crucial than ever.

Developing a healthy sense of masculinity positively impacts our students’ personal growth, relationships and overall wellbeing. Positive masculinity is not a trendy concept, it is a foundational element for building a respectful and inclusive community, most especially in our schools.

Positive masculinity involves embracing qualities traditionally associated with masculinity, such as strength and leadership, while also valuing empathy, vulnerability and cooperation. It encourages males to be their authentic selves without conforming to outdated stereotypes that equate manliness with aggression or emotional suppression.

As a College, we continue to nurture and educate our students in a caring environment where they can feel safe to speak up, speak out and learn from positive role models on what it is to have good character. This is an evolving space that we address with our students and staff via:

Education and Awareness – Facilitating active and open discussions across student levels and staff about gender norms and what positive masculinity is.

Role Models and Mentors – Encouraging all staff members to be respectful, positive role models our students can look up to, and to call out and address behaviour that is not acceptable.

Inclusive Activities – Offering activities and groups that promote teamwork, collaboration, inclusivity and emotional intelligence.

Community Collaborations – Working with girls’ schools including Kilbreda College and 91Ď㽶 Girls Grammar School to give our students social, creative, academic and sporting opportunities to work together.

Support Systems – Providing resources such as counselling and peer support groups where students can discuss their feelings and experiences in safe, judgmental environments.

Respect – Teaching respectful brotherhood and sisterhood is one of our Guiding Principles and an integral, everyday part of our College life. This values-driven education and way of being is what unites us all at the College.

We delved deeper into this important topic with Senior Years Students at Year 10 to 12 assemblies, recently facilitated by Mark Jones, Deputy Principal – Students. This was well received by students and staff.

“Our sessions try to highlight the importance of our students being their own person. To identify what they stand for and not just following the crowd. We try to empower our students to be able to walk away from the mob and call out behaviour that they know is hurtful to others.” Mark Jones